Auction will be auctioning off the Domain name of!    Some of these domain names are very posh and way overpriced. $13 Million, $11 Million, $7.5 Million, $4.9 Million, you get the idea…

We are not asking anything near these prices for In fact, we have decided to let the market dictate the price so it will be held in a public auction.  The website itself is generic; you will undoubtedly want to make it your own site that is customized to your particular taste.

One of the great perks about owning is the emails; you have to admit that the email of: does have a ring to it! Or perhaps!!  Of course the email names are limited only by your imagination!

To keep out the riff raff, there will be a reserve on the auction.  Although modest, it will keep out those that like to “Buy and Sell”.  We are the original owners of this name and have actually had it for over 17 years!

The auction starts May 1, 2014 and will last approximately 30 days at  If you are even remotely interested in acquiring it, please feel free to swing by the auction and show others that you are more “Filthy Rich” than they are!


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